AJATY local Limo and Cabs service Princeton NJ

Your trusted partner for airport rides from Princeton NJ and local business travel.


AJATY is founded by a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in providing local limo and cab services jointly with a team of highly experienced management consultants reputed for delivering high performing business solutions for small enterprises to mega corporations, globally for over 30+ years. AJATY brings unique capabilities of deep knowledge of local ground transportation needs, 10 to 25 years of loyal drivers using proven processes and modern day technology to deliver efficient, optimized and reliable limo and cab services from booking to cash. AJATY offers personalized solutions to corporates and communities with several cost saving programs for frequent travelers


AJATY’s lean and efficient operations is managed by a fine blend of experienced team (not a one man army) providing local limo and cab services to corporate and retail customers in and around Princeton NJ for years, and experts who have been in management consulting as trusted advisors to Fortune 10 companies. Local Drivers navigate through the busy I-95 or Route1 or through the back roads during peak traffic or difficult driving conditions to ensure you reach your destination safely and on time. Global team of professionals use established processes and modern technology to offer


Our team of experts have developed a platform (OnDemand Limo) to offer high quality, consistently reliable ground transportation services at affordable stable prices at all times.

OnDemand Limo solution offers end to end business solution to give AJATY customers a unique user experience at any time prior, during or after the ride.

So, come and check out ways and means to partner with us to redefine your ground transportation experience, going forward.