Airport Cab Service Edison NJ

Airport Cab Service Edison

Peace of mind on ground travel is as important as on air travel. You don’t have to trade off self service, reliability, cost or safety any more. Try us once and experience the difference. Taking care of your Airport Cab Service Edison, NJ needs is our business. AJATY is local to Edison, offering airport cab rides to Corporate and Retail customers for nearly three decades. Services include black car or the regular sedan depending on your comfort needs. AJATY drivers are thoroughly checked for their background and have been with the company for 10-25+ years.

Airport Cab Service New Jersey

Try us if you are looking for “Peace of mind travel” from your office or home to the city or a client location for yourself or for your company’s senior executives . You can book a ride online or using a mobile app, yourself, or delegate it to your staff for safe, hassle free and assured ride. Use the local travel time to manage your business, stay connected and take care of your business demands while reaching fresh at the destination. Sign up as a corporation and enjoy special packages for your hourly/daily roundtrip travel within or between cities Edison NJ.

AJATY Limo and Cab provide Airport Limo service and Airport cab service in Edison, New Jersey is the primary choice for travelers that look for professional, safe and on-time travel. As a traveler in Edison, New Jersey, if you are looking for a limousine service (Airport Cab Service Edison) company that is local, well versed with the geography and trustworthy, AJATY Airport Limo Service and Airport cab service would be fulfilling all your needs. AJATY Airport Limo Service and Airport cab services offers you "peace of mind" travel with every airport ride. Using the latest technology and enterprise wide solution, AJATY Airport Cab service enables airport travelers to book their airport rides using a mobile application or book online on the web. Travelers looking for clean and safe ground transportation to airports and New York City can also call the office number to confirm their bookings.

AJATY offers the best service to airport travelers in Edison, New Jersey with the ability to update or cancel the bookings on their own, 24x7 within the terms and conditions of service. AJATY Airport Limo Service and Airport cab services drivers are equipped with the latest technology, hardware and mobile application, to manage the bookings assigned to them and keep in contact with the travelers on their status. Driver's current position can be tracked by the travelers anytime using their mobile applications, as well as by Dispatchers in the back office. Airport and City travelers have multiple options of paying by Cash, Credit Card or online and receive the receipt of their airport or city ride from Edison to any of the neighboring airports or cities, at the end of the ride via email.

AJATY Airport Cab Service

AJATY limousines are well maintained, insured for TLC and are legally authorized with permits to provide airport pick and drop services in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. AJATY Airport Limo Ride and Airport cab drivers go through background checks, fingerprinting with the local police stations. They are courteous, very friendly and highly trustworthy providing peace of mind travel to business and retail travelers in Edison, New Jersey.At the next given opportunity please try AJATY Airport Cab Service Edison and Airport limo services, when you travel to Newark Airport (EWR), Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN), Teterboro Airport (TEB),Philadelphia Airport (PHL), JFK Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) or to the city (NYC). As a Edison, New Jersey traveler you will find value for money each time you utilize AJATY Airport Limo Service and Airport cab services.We offer sedans and SUVs wirth the option of pick up and drop off (curb side) or from the baggage claim area as per your preference at any of the following airports or cities.
Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN)
Teterboro Airport (TEB)
Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
New York City (NYC)


AJATY is founded by a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in providing local limo and cab services jointly with a team of highly experienced management consultants reputed for delivering high performing business solutions for small enterprises to mega corporations, globally for over 30+ years. AJATY brings unique capabilities of deep knowledge of local ground transportation needs, 10 to 25 years of loyal drivers using proven processes and modern day technology to deliver efficient, optimized and reliable limo and cab services from booking to cash. AJATY offers personalized solutions to corporates and communities with several cost saving programs for frequent travelers

AJATY Airport Cab Service


AJATY’s lean and efficient operations is managed by a fine blend of experienced team (not a one man army) providing local limo and cab services for years and experts who have been in management consulting as trusted advisors to Fortune 10 companies. Global team of professionals use established processes and modern technology to offer.


Our team of experts have developed a platform (OnDemand Limo) to offer high quality, consistently reliable ground transportation services at affordable stable prices at all times.

OnDemand Limo solution offers end to end business solution to give AJATY customers a unique user experience at any time prior, during or after the ride.

So, come and check out ways and means to partner with us to redefine your ground transportation experience, going forward.